Connected to Your Community

Connected to Your Community

Connected to Your Community

Realtors add value through the strength of their networks - the more people we know and work with, the faster we can sell your home or find you a new one.  As the NWT's largest and top-selling brokerage, we would be nowhere without our networks of friends, family, colleagues and past clients.

But for us, being "connected" has another meaning.  We are emotionally invested in the future of our community and to the quality of life of its residents.  And that's why we place such a high value on volunteerism and charitable giving.

In 2018 we were given an opportunity to demonstrate this committment by hosting our first annual charity golf tournament.  With five tournaments under our belts, we have now surpassed $140,000 in total funds raised for local charitable organizations.

2023 - NWT SPCA and Habitat for Humanity NWT

$42,000 raised!  We've formed a great connection with these two charitable partners whose objectives align very closely with out own and we look forward to working with them for the next few tournaments.

2022 - NWT SPCA and Home Base YK

A new record! We raised $40,000 this year for two great charities. Read all about it here: https://cabinradio.ca/96833/sponsored-content/century-21-golf-tournament-raises-40k-for-local-charities/

2021 - NWT SPCA and YWCA GirlSpace - $26,000

We didn't have much time to plan this year's event, which was in limbo until almost the last minute due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings.  But we pulled it together and ended up raising a total of $26,000 for these two amazing local charitable organizations.  A great time was had by all (see our full photo gallery here).  A huge thanks to our amazing sponsors, who came through on short noice and exhibited amazing generosity.  Please see our full list of 2021 sponsors here.

2019 - Avens, A Place for Seniors - $36,000

The folks at Avens were amazing partners to work with on our 2019 tournament.  They really came through with volunteer assistance, and at the end of the day we were able to raise $36,000!  See our event photo gallery here, and our full list of amazing sponsors here.


 2018 - Yelowknife Association for Community Living - $26,000



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