Yellowknife Rental Resources

Finding a good rental unit in Yellowknife can be tricky.  Available units are in short supply and listings are spread out across more than a dozen websites.  To make your rental search easier, we've brought everything together on this page.

***Our team has represented more Yellowknife homebuyers than any other company every year since 2012! So, if you are sick of renting, or only plan to rent short-term, e-mail us at prospectrealty@century21.ca and we'll get you on the path to a successful home purchase.

Yellowknife Rental Links:   

Facebook Marketplace > Property Rentals - This is site is gaining in popularity and may now be the #1 rental site in Yellowknife.

Facebook Group > Yellowknife Accomodations - Not great for searching listings, but great for finding out about new listings

YKTrader > Real Estate > For Rent - Yellowknife's best classified ads website.  

Direct Property Management - Aurora Suites, Birchwood Apartments & Townhomes, rental listings and property management services.  Our preferred partner for property management.

Northview Apartment REIT - Yellowknife’s largest landlord by far.  Too many buildings to list here.

Midwest Property Management - Ciara Manor, Fraser Tower, Fraser Arms & McNiven Place, Bartesko Court, Ludquist, Solar and Executive Apartments, Beck Court

Polar Developments -  The Watermark Tower and Anderson Thomson Tower

Range Lake Developments - Franklin House Apartments and a couple fourplexes in the downtown.

Triton Property Management - Assorted houses and condo units for rent

NWT Housing Corporation - Public Housing 


Furnished Apartments and Extended Stays


Capital Suites

Days Inn & Suites


AirBnB Yellowknife Listings

Polar Developments Furnished Suites


Background Research for Renters


Yellowknife Rental Market Update, December 2022

Yellowknife's Top 20 Apartment Buildings 

CMHC Northern Housing Report, 2022 - Information on average rent prices and affordability

True North FM article on high rental rates

Everything You Need to Know About Your Rights as a Renter or Landlord