Kelly Vos, HHT Concierge™

Kelly Vos, HHT Concierge™

Kelly Vos, HHT Concierge™

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At Century 21 Prospect Realty we know that Canadian Armed Forces clients are not like other clients, and the services they require before and during their Yellowknife House-Hunting Trips are unique.  That’s why we’ve created a new staff position dedicated entirely to ensuring the best possible outcomes for you and your transferring family.

Kelly Vos, HHT Concierge™Our HHT Concierge™, Kelly Vos, is a member of a military family and knows first-hand what transferees need and want from their HHTs.  Her responsibilities as our HHT Concierge™ include: 

  • Interviewing you in advance of your HHT to help find you a REALTOR® who is a good match for you and your family, and who will make you their sole focus while you are in Yellowknife
  • Determining your real estate needs to make sure you are shown all the properties that might work for you
  • Acting as a sounding board and providing you with experienced insights while you are in Yellowknife
  • Checking in during your stay to see if your HHT plan needs adapting
  • Following up after your HHT to seek feedback from you, and providing that feedback to our company's Managing Broker so that we can continuously improve our HHT services. 

HHT Concierge™ service is complimentary and can be accessed either before you have found a Realtor to work with or after.  Even if you haven’t yet received your posting message, Kelly is available to chat with you about your upcoming transfer and to ensure that your Yellowknife HHT gets off to a great start.  Contact Kelly today at kelly.vos@century21.ca or call her at (867) 447-4HHT (867-447-4448).

The HHT Concierge™ trademark is owned and controlled by Yellowknife Condominium Services Ltd. operating as Century 21 Prospect Realty and identifies a staff position and process for delivering real estate services to Canadian Armed Forces and other relocation clients.