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$144,900 + GST

This exciting business opportunity has unlimited potential for growth. Enjoy the benefits of walking into an established business and immediate sources of revenue. Benefit from being a significant contribution to the Northwest Territories tourism economy while having fun meeting people from around the globe.

 #2 Ranking on Trip Advisor* |Award-Winning | Established

 Company Overview

My Backyard Tours (MBYT) provides a variety of fun and informative tours in and around the City of Yellowknife throughout the year.  In addition to delivering tours directly, MBYT has established partnerships with fellow tourism operators who offer other types of tourism products that MBYT sells, this not only provides additional services for their customers it is an additional source of revenue. During the early summer, MBYT provides airport transportation services providing additional revenue during non-peak periods (shoulder season) and during the winter months the winter clothing rentals is a significant contributor to the overall income. MBYT has a fantastic rating on Trip Advisor, maintaining the #2 Ranking in outdoor activities in Yellowknife.


Financial Operations

Over the past three years it has seen a close to 40% increase in sales.  At present MBYT is a perfect business where you can enjoy a few month of the year off during the shoulder season. That being said, MBYT has seen a tremendous potential for continued growth.  

Price Includes:

MBYT comes with a variety of assets including: 8-passenger van, an extensive inventory of winter clothing, current booked business, tour & clothing booking system, tour routing & scripts, brand identity encompassing website, social media accounts and various marketing items.


MYBT was one of the original tour companies in Yellowknife; it began its tour operations in 2009.


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Type: Business
Type: Business
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65-rycon-drive-my-backyard-tours-2 at  My Backyard Tours, Yellowknife
65-rycon-drive-my-backyard-tours-1 at  My Backyard Tours, Yellowknife
65-rycon-drive-my-backyard-tours-5 at  My Backyard Tours, Yellowknife
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